Friday, January 14, 2005

Coachella Cha-Cha-Cha!

Coachella 2005 Lineup


Rilo Kiley [Billboard]
Doves [Billboard]
The Futureheads [Ambitious-Outsiders]
Autolux [Ambitious-Outsiders]

Strongly Rumored
(Band names that just keep coming up)

Phoenix [from the Coachella board: "the french band Phoenix recently told a friend of mine they are playing coachella" link]

The Bravery [from the Coachella board: "I recently emailed The Bravery's booking agent as well as their management and asked if The Bravery were planning on performing at this year's Coachella Festival. Their responses, respectively: "Probably" and "The Bravery are confirmed to play Coachella this year" link]

(Bands mentioned once or twice on message boards. Take with a handful of salt)

Coldplay #*
Nine Inch Nails*
Chemical Brothers
U2 # (and supposedly they are playing in Oakland on May 2-3)
Outkast #
David Bowie *
...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead
Yeah Yeah Yeahs*
Franz Ferdinand #*
REM #*
Jay-Z #
Danger Mouse #
Gang of Four #
PJ Harvey*
The Faint*
Polyphonic Spree*
Boards of Canada*
TV on the Radio*
French Kicks*
Secret Machines*
Beep Beep*
Dogs Die In Hot Cars*
Death From Above*
the Helio Sequence*
Tears For Fears*
Bright Eyes*
Jimmy Eat World*
Mos Def*
Badly Drawn Boy*
The Streets*
The Postal Service*
The Shins*
Sleater Kinney*
Radio 4*
Iron and Wine*
The Arcade Fire*
Moving Units*
Eisley [they do have shows on 4/30 and 5/1, but the festival dates haven't been officially announced yet)

Who WON'T Be There

Modest Mouse [ according to band's website]

Random Notes

Bands with a # after the name were all first mentioned on ProductshopNYC
Bands with an * after the name are all mentioned on that hoax list that made the rounds back in late November (although Coldplay was added by the press). But many of these bands are still being mentioned and besides, even an incorrect rumor is still a rumor, and I'm trying to be thorough here, dammit!


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